Feb. 16, 2016

Rick Mera

Jannelle Wilkins & Rick Mera

We are very saddened by the sudden death of our dear friend Rick Mera (age 67) on April 30.  In the February 2012 Newsletter we introduced you to Rick and his wife Jannelle.  Although they live in Monteverde, they came here for a week in January to house-and-dog-sit for us while Michael went to the States for Billy's funeral and Life Celebration.  On the day we arrived back in Costa Rica, Rick picked us up at the airport, cooked dinner for us, and then listened patiently and intensely all evening to me talking about Billy.  I will be forever grateful for his thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Rick was a kind, gentle, and compassionate man who taught Buddhist meditation.  A mutual friend, Mary Newswanger, said of Rick:

"Two weeks ago, after our Mindfulness Meditation at La Colina, I told Rick how much I appreciated his gentle nature, his insight and wisdom and his skill leading the meditation.  He said how much he appreciated what I said and I'm glad now I told him.  He gave so fully to so many of us and created a space of loving kindness and compassion, peace and grace.  What a gift he had.  What a gift he shared!"

From mutual friend Jude Gladestone Cade:

When you met up with Rick, it was always his smile, the smile in this photo, that caught your eye first. There was a certain way in which he listened that made you know he was present and in that moment with you. Advice was freely given and thought-full. His laughter matched his smile and yet it was a quiet laugh, like Rick, sort of quiet in a very comfortable way. He was always ready to help and opened his home to friends.  

Fortunately, we had lunch with Rick and Janelle just two days before he died.  He was his usual pleasant and smiling self, so it was a shock and hard to believe when we received the sad news.  This was the third death here in three weeks among our friends.  It seems that loss is all around.  Rick would counsel that we accept it as part of life.